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Parks of Aledo Market Stats

Active Listings:

Number of Homes  15
Average Price  $475,876
Average Square Feet  3,344
Average Price Per Foot  $142.90
Average Days on Market  109

Pending Contract:

Number of Homes  1

Sold in Last 90 Days:

Number of Homes  14
Average Price  $459,964
Average Square Feet  3,262
Average Price Per Foot  $140.58
Average Days on Market  108

Sold in Last 180 days:

Number of Homes 21
Average Price $472,290
Average Square Feet 3,314
Average Price Per Foot $138.84
Average Days on Market 121

Absorption Rate:

4.28 months
What is it? Amount of time needed to sell the existing inventory.
1-4 months of inventory Seller’s Market
5-6 months of inventory Neutral Market
7+ months of inventory Buyer’s Market

The absorption rate looks good for a seller BUT BEWARE. The Aledo market is not as active in the Fall and Winter. Prime season is Spring and early Summer which is why you see more homes on the market at those times. There is only one home under contract right now. . . And it is a contingency on the sale of the buyer’s home. That tells me, that regardless of absorption rate – THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO BUY IN ALEDO! 

Call us if you are curious about the neighborhood or would like to see some homes.