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8 Tips on Keeping Your Home Safe Over the Holidays

8 Tips on Keeping Your Home Safe Over the Holidays

1.Heading out of town? Make it look like you’re not. Make sure your house is secure. That includes locking all doors and windows and leaving some lights on. Turn on your security system and use a timer for your lights. Leave your curtains as they normally are and leave a car parked in your driveway. Christmas thieves won’t bother your home if there is a chance you are there.

2.Keep travel plans offline. Sharing trips is so much fun to do on social media. This also tells people that no one is home. Santa isn’t the only one watching. We recommend posting your photos after you return home, and in past tense. 

3.Play hide and seek. Hide your presents! You may already have to do this for nosy family members. This also goes for Christmas thieves! They love a good game of hide and seek. Eliminate the temptation. Keep them out of sight until the big day. 

4.Inspection is Key. Be sure to inspect your fireplace or chimney before you crank it up for the holidays. Fireplace maintenance is very important for keeping your family safe.

5.Light It Up. Do not overpower electrical sockets with cords. Electrical fires are incredibly frequent this time of year. When you are not home enjoying your tree, be sure to unplug it. Your tree and your home will thank you!

6.Kitchen Capades – Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking. Distractions can cause the biggest safety issues. Do not walk away with any burners on, or leave the oven on overnight. Your kitchen deserves your undivided attention.  

7.Delegate during vacation time. Be sure to tell a neighbor, or a friend if you will be leaving town. It will allow you peace of mind while you are away so you can enjoy your trip. Ask them to pick up mail and newspapers, set out and bring in your trashcans, and check your porch for packages. 

8.Punk the package punks. It is so convenient to ship presents right to your door. This also entices Christmas thieves to prey on your doorstep. Instead of taking your lunch to work, come home to check on any deliveries. Want an easier fix? Send your holiday packages to your workplace. Also, keep items off of your porch that can be used to break a window and gain access to your home. You can outsmart the not-so-smart package punks.

Have a safe and happy holiday from Village Homes!